Le Prince de l’Été : les pastèques et leurs bienfaits

Indulging in the sweetness of a watermelon is a beloved summer activity. The juicy and delicious fruit is a refreshing treat, especially during the hot months. While round-shaped watermelons are the norm, there is a unique and sought-after variety that comes in a square shape. These square watermelons from Japan have become a sensation, despite their hefty price tag of up to 200 euros. Let's delve deeper into the world of square watermelons and explore why they have become such a coveted fruit.

The Summer Prince: Watermelons and Their Benefits

The month of August is the time when watermelons reach their peak ripeness. These fruits are filled with juicy and sweet flesh that is packed with minerals and vitamins, providing numerous benefits for our bodies. Regular consumption of watermelons helps to purify and hydrate the body while eliminating toxins. What's more, this delicious fruit is low in calories, making it a perfect choice for those following a balanced diet.

Round watermelons are a common sight on shelves. However, square watermelons have gained popularity in Japan. These unique cubic-shaped watermelons are cultivated inside special molds or metal cages for aesthetic purposes. They have become a luxury fruit, highly sought after by fruit connoisseurs.

The Square Watermelon Phenomenon

Square watermelons are not your average fruit; they come with a steep price tag of up to 200 euros. These specialty fruits are sold in select luxury fruit stores. Their square shape allows for easy display without the risk of rolling off the shelves. However, they do not have the same sweet and juicy flavor as traditional watermelons. Square watermelons are mainly used for decorative purposes and can be marketed as ornamental objects.

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The demand for square watermelons is sky-high. According to Mapelli, a fruit store owner, “ninety out of ten customers who saw it asked for it.” This indicates a strong interest among consumers to try this unique, curious, and fascinating type of watermelon. Currently, the producing company, Azzali Zanola Matteo from Casalmaggiore, Cremona, has sent samples to selected customers only.

Cultivating Square Watermelons

Cultivating square watermelons is a meticulous process intended for ornamental purposes rather than consumption. The characteristic shape of these fruits sacrifices their taste and flavor. Square watermelons are grown inside glass and iron boxes, essentially cubic cages where the fruits develop without ripening. Due to their immaturity, these watermelons are not meant to be eaten. They do, however, have a longer shelf life compared to their round counterparts and can be kept for approximately a year.

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