Find Out Which Eggs Failed the Freshness Test at This Supermarket!

Find Out Which Eggs Failed The Freshness Test At This Supermarket!

Choosing among the multitude of products on the shelves of supermarkets has become increasingly challenging. To help consumers make informed decisions, Il Salvagente conducted a comprehensive test of 22 brands of fresh eggs. The test aimed to determine the best and worst brands based on various parameters, including hygiene, freshness, pesticide residue presence, and deformities … Lire plus

Discover the Top Moka Coffee Brands According to Altroconsumo!

Discover The Top Moka Coffee Brands According To Altroconsumo!

Introduction: Moka coffee, a beloved tradition in Italy, continues to hold its place in the hearts of Italians despite the emergence of sophisticated coffee machines. In a recent study conducted by Altroconsumo, the quality of moka coffee powders found in supermarkets was put to the test. Surprisingly, the best coffee powder costs less than 2 … Lire plus

Alarming: Glyphosate Contamination Found in Crackers and Biscuits – Shocking Report Revealed

Alarming: Glyphosate Contamination Found In Crackers And Biscuits Shocking Report Revealed

Glyphosate, a controversial pesticide, has been found in a range of everyday food items such as crackers, biscuits, breakfast cereals, and even honey. The widespread presence of this pesticide in our daily diet has raised concerns about its potential health risks. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has conducted various analyses on food products and … Lire plus

Explore the Must-Try Natural Mineral Waters – Gambero Rosso Ranking

Explore The Must Try Natural Mineral Waters Gambero Rosso Ranking

The Top 10 Brands of Natural Mineral Water According to Gambero Rosso When we go grocery shopping, we are often overwhelmed by the numerous choices of products and brands. This is especially true when it comes to mineral water, one of the most frequently purchased items. But which brands of natural mineral water are the … Lire plus

Discover the Top Supermarket Honey Brands in Altroconsumo’s Ranking!

Discover The Top Supermarket Honey Brands In Altroconsumo's Ranking!

When it comes to purchasing honey, it’s important to make the right choice. Altroconsumo, a leading consumer organization, has conducted a comprehensive test and ranking of 22 brands of honey available at supermarkets and discount stores. In this article, we will delve into the results of Altroconsumo’s test and discover which brands of honey are … Lire plus

Don’t be fooled by packaged snacks! Only one is truly worth your while!

Don't Be Fooled By Packaged Snacks! Only One Is Truly Worth Your While!

Sweet snacks may be one of our guilty pleasures, but it turns out that they are not as innocent as they seem. A study conducted by Altroconsumo has revealed that the quality of packaged snacks, even those from well-known brands, is extremely poor. Altroconsumo evaluated 57 different types of industrial snacks based on their nutritional … Lire plus

The Most Lavish Dinner Ever: An Unbelievable 100,000-euro Bill!

The Most Lavish Dinner Ever: An Unbelievable 100000 Euro Bill!

A receipt amounting to 100,000 euros has caused quite a stir in Viareggio, grabbing the attention and curiosity of the public. The receipt was generated after a lavish dinner hosted by a shipowner to commemorate the launch of his new yacht. The dinner was attended by 23 friends and 6 bodyguards, and the restaurant owner … Lire plus

Shocking Report: 7/15 Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Brands Are Fake!

Shocking Report: 715 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Brands Are Fake!

The Importance of Choosing High-Quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Extra-virgin olive oil, often referred to as the “green gold” of Italy, is one of the most popular products consumed by Italians. When browsing the supermarket aisles, it can be challenging to select the best extra-virgin oil among the numerous brands available. To shed light on this … Lire plus

Venice Restaurant Scam: Tourists Billed 43 Euros for 2 Coffees and Water

Venice Restaurant Scam: Tourists Billed 43 Euros For 2 Coffees And Water

Are you tired of receiving outrageous bills at restaurants? Well, you’re not alone. It seems that this phenomenon is becoming increasingly prevalent in Italy, with customers sharing their shocking experiences on social media platforms. One recent incident in Venice has particularly caught the attention of many. A couple of tourists ordered just two coffees and … Lire plus

Le Prince de l’Été : les pastèques et leurs bienfaits

Indulging in the sweetness of a watermelon is a beloved summer activity. The juicy and delicious fruit is a refreshing treat, especially during the hot months. While round-shaped watermelons are the norm, there is a unique and sought-after variety that comes in a square shape. These square watermelons from Japan have become a sensation, despite … Lire plus

Outrage as Restaurant Charges 200 Euros for a Fruit Basket

Outrage As Restaurant Charges 200 Euros For A Fruit Basket

Outrageous Pricing in Tourist Resorts Sparks Controversy Summer has brought forth a series of shocking receipts from restaurants and bars in some of our country’s most famous and beautiful tourist resorts. The exorbitant prices charged by these establishments have left customers and tourists in disbelief. Over the past few months, stories have emerged about the … Lire plus

Couple Stunned by 50 Euro Coffee and Orzata Price

Couple Stunned By 50 Euro Coffee And Orzata Price

Outrageous Price Demands Spark Controversy in Porto Cervo Once again, tourists are left fuming over exorbitant prices at popular tourist destinations. This time, however, the controversy arises from an infamous bar in the renowned square of Porto Cervo, on the Costa Smeralda. A barista has demanded a staggering sum of 50 euros for a simple … Lire plus

The Safest Italian Milk Brands: Antibiotic and Drug Free!

The Safest Italian Milk Brands: Antibiotic And Drug Free!

Italian Latte, free of traces of antibiotics and drugs | The best brands can be found in this discount, according to Il Salvagente! When we go to the supermarket, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find safe and high-quality food for our shopping carts. Among the wide range of products on the shelves, one of … Lire plus

Outrageous controversy: Restaurant charges 2 euros for empty plate for 2-year-old girl

Outrageous Controversy: Restaurant Charges 2 Euros For Empty Plate For 2 Year Old Girl

Restaurateur Sparks Controversy by Charging for an Empty Sharing Plate The issue of excessive charges from restaurants and bars continues to ignite outrage among consumers. Each day seems to bring a new dispute, as customers express their anger over being asked to pay for services that were once complimentary. This time, the controversy erupted when … Lire plus

Altroconsumo Reveals the Top Canned Tuna Brands! Discover the Best.

Altroconsumo Reveals The Top Canned Tuna Brands! Discover The Best.

Canned tuna has become one of the most popular food items in recent times. With a long shelf life and the ability to provide a reserve of non-perishable food, it’s no wonder why people love it. Italy and the Mediterranean have a rich history of preparing canned tuna, with coastal areas like Sicily and Sardinia … Lire plus

The Ultimate Mozzarella Ranking: Gambero Rosso’s Top 10 Brands Revealed!

The Ultimate Mozzarella Ranking: Gambero Rosso's Top 10 Brands Revealed!

Are you a fan of mozzarella? Do you find it difficult to choose the best brand among the countless options available at the supermarket? Well, look no further! Gambero Rosso has just released their ranking of the top ten mozzarellas that you can find in the supermarket. In this article, we will explore the factors … Lire plus

Consumer Outrage: Gelato Prices Soar to Unprecedented Levels

Consumer Outrage: Gelato Prices Soar To Unprecedented Levels

Gelato prices have experienced a significant increase over the past 20 years, causing consumers to protest against these absurd price hikes. Factors such as inflation, shrinkflation, and rising costs of raw materials have contributed to the rising prices of gelato. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the price surge and the cities … Lire plus

Discover the Best Cooked Ham Brands at the Supermarket | Altroconsumo’s Revealing Ranking!

Discover The Best Cooked Ham Brands At The Supermarket Or Altroconsumo's Revealing Ranking!

If you’re looking to buy cooked ham at the supermarket, it can be overwhelming to choose from the many different brands available. To help you make an informed decision, Altroconsumo, an Italian consumer organization, has analyzed 18 brands of cooked ham and created a ranking based on various parameters. In this article, we will guide … Lire plus