The Safest Italian Milk Brands: Antibiotic and Drug Free!

Italian Latte, free of traces of antibiotics and drugs | The best can be found in this discount, according to Il Salvagente!

When we go to the , it is becoming increasingly difficult to find safe and high-quality food for our shopping carts. Among the wide range of products on the shelves, one of the most consumed foods by Italians is milk. But which brands truly assure us a quality product that is free of antibiotics and safe? Let's find out together!

Italian 100% Milk, Absence of Antibiotics and Drugs: The Best Brands to Buy According to Il Salvagente

Il Salvagente has analyzed 25 milk brands, including both fresh and microfiltered options, all of which are 100% Italian and whole milk. The analysis aimed to evaluate the hygiene, safety, presence of antibiotics, and overall quality of the brands.

Interestingly, the difference lies not in the “added” substances, but rather in what is missing. This time, the results show a significant improvement due to the absence of antibiotics in the tested milk brands. It should be noted that a previous test conducted by Il Salvagente two years ago revealed traces of veterinary drugs in many brands. The recent results also indicate the absence of mycotoxins and bacterial loads, which is another positive aspect. However, when it comes to quality, specifically the nutritional value of milk, some brands lack important substances such as peroxidase and essential amino acids found in proteins. The presence of these substances is indicative of higher quality milk.

According to Il Salvagente:

“If peroxidase reflects the impact of pasteurization on nutrients (a thermal shock risks ‘burning' or significantly reducing some of the useful substances), essential amino acids are those that our bodies do not produce and must acquire through the consumption of protein-rich foods, such as milk. Just by looking at the tables published in the current issue, we can see that in terms of food safety, all of our milk brands shine for the absence of undesirable substances, primarily antibiotics. However, when considering the two parameters of quality, the differences become apparent.”

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Italian Milk, The Best Brands Can Be Found in These Discounts!

Based on the tests conducted by the magazine, there are several fresh milk brands that received excellent ratings, including Carrefour Original, Esselunga, and Lidl. As for the best microfiltered milk brands, the top performers are Esselunga Bio, Conad, Più tempo, Parmalat Zymil (lactose-free), and Eurospin Biological Pascoli italiani.

Results from the reader survey conducted by Il Salvagente also revealed that several brands were mentioned with equal merit, including Coop fresh milk, Alta qualità, Granarolo Bio whole, Mila whole milk, and Fieno Alto Adige. It is important to note that many survey participants emphasized that “milk is not a food for adults” and highlighted some contraindications associated with its consumption.

Milk and Animal Welfare: Everything You Need to Know!

Il Salvagente concludes by mentioning:

“In general, our , unlike other tests, is characterized by very high final ratings, never falling below ‘Good.' This is a sign that we are talking about a highly controlled supply chain. However, until two years ago, our analysis had shaken the industry by detecting traces of antibiotics in fresh milk, microfiltered milk, and long-life milk. Over time, the shadows over this supply chain have reduced, but there is still work to be done in Italian stables to address the levels of antibiotic resistance in our country.”

The article also highlights the effort that several brands are making in terms of animal welfare, as indicated on various labels. The presence of peroxidase in milk is seen as an indicator of “good nutrition” and indirectly reflects better living conditions for cows. It seems that progress is being made in this direction.

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