The Most Lavish Dinner Ever: An Unbelievable 100,000-euro Bill!

A receipt amounting to 100,000 euros has caused quite a stir in Viareggio, grabbing the attention and curiosity of the public. The receipt was generated after a lavish dinner hosted by a shipowner to commemorate the launch of his new yacht. The dinner was attended by 23 friends and 6 bodyguards, and the owner in Viareggio was initially surprised but ultimately delighted to cater to the shipowner's extravagant requests, resulting in this astounding bill. Let's delve into the details of this remarkable meal that has sparked on social media.

The Shipowner’s Extravagant Requests

The shipowner had a series of requests that added to the grand total of the bill. Firstly, he asked for a private dining room to ensure the utmost privacy during the dinner. Furthermore, the shipowner wanted an abundant supply of wine to quench the guests' thirst and a delightful tasting menu priced at 300 euros. In the end, he even left a surprising and extravagant tip. These requests contributed to the astonishing final amount of the receipt.

A Menu Fit for the Super-Rich

Wondering what delicacies the shipowner ordered for his guests that resulted in a 100,000-euro bill? The extensive menu included some truly luxurious items. For starters, the shipowner decided to indulge his guests with 1.2 kilograms of high-quality caviar sourced from around the world, with a price tag of 12,000 euros. Additionally, fresh lobsters, specially imported from Sardinia, were added to the menu, amounting to approximately 8,000 euros.

As for the main course, a variety of exquisite seafood was selected, including clams, scallops, turbot, and amberjack. The cost of these delicacies accumulated to around 15,000 euros. Only the finest beverages were served throughout the evening, with bottles of Magnum Krug (Grand Cuvée) and the exquisite Petrus Grand Vin Pomerol 2015, amounting to approximately 28,000 euros.

To conclude the dinner, the shipowner surprised each guest with a magnum of Sassicaia, a renowned Tuscan wine. The total expenses came close to 73,000 euros, but the shipowner decided to round the amount up to 100,000 euros as a net payment. Furthermore, he left the Viareggio restaurant owner a generous tip of around 27,000 euros, leaving the proprietor speechless with gratitude.

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Mysteries and Opinions

The identity of the generous shipowner and the exact location of the restaurant remain a mystery, which has only intensified public curiosity. While there have been references to a high-end wine bar in the center of Viareggio, the proprietor denies any association with the mentioned events. The local edition of the newspaper “La Nazione” initially broke the story, capturing the interest of readers. The news spread rapidly on social media platforms, and many individuals have voiced their opinions about the lavish dinner.

Some critics view this extravagant expenditure as a slap in the face to those who are struggling financially, particularly in the face of increasing poverty and rising prices. On the other hand, there are those who defend the shipowner, arguing that individuals have the right to spend their own money as they please, regardless of the price tag.

A Familiar Story?

This is not the first time that news of such opulent dinners has emerged along the coast of Versilia, from Forte dei Marmi to Marina di Massa, especially during the summer. This region attracts wealthy tourists, with many hailing from Russia. A similar incident made headlines last year in Forte dei Marmi when a bill of 2,224 euros was charged for a Catalan tasting menu. Dissatisfied customers went on to file a complaint against the restaurant owner. With such occurrences becoming somewhat of a trend, one can't help but wonder if another 100,000-euro receipt will soon surface in Viareggio.

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