Shocking Revelation: Altroconsumo Names the Best Tomato Puree Brand!

Are you looking for the best tomato puree to use in your kitchen? Look no further! has revealed the top brand that you should put in your shopping cart. When it comes to buying tomato puree, price is not the only factor to consider. It is crucial to carefully read the ingredients listed on the bottle to ensure that you are choosing a product of excellent quality. Tomato puree can hide many pitfalls such as pesticides, molds, rotten tomatoes, and residues that can negatively impact the final product. To help you make an informed decision, Altroconsumo has analyzed a sample of 25 tomato purees and ranked them based on their quality and nutritional value.

Tomato Puree Quality Evaluation

The researchers at Altroconsumo used laboratory tests and taste evaluations conducted by experts to evaluate each tomato puree. They focused on the presence of pesticides, molds, salt, added water, and impurities. Additionally, they carefully assessed the quality of the tomatoes by measuring the pH, sugars, lactic acid, and optical residue.

The Best Tomato Puree Brand

Based on the tests conducted by Altroconsumo, the top brand in the is the De Rica passata – processed fresh. This high-quality tomato puree scored 75 points and is recommended for use in cooking first and second courses. If you are looking for alternative , there are several other options that you can purchase with confidence. These include Santa Rosa Pomodorissimo, La Passata De Cecco Passata Classica Vellutata, Ortolina Passata Classica Gustato (MD) Tomato Puree, La Molisana Passata Classica, Mutti Passata, Delizie Dal Sole (Eurospin) Tomato Puree, Esselunga Tomato Puree, Le Conserve Della Nonna Tomato Sweet from Emilia Romagna, and Conad Passata Classica.

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Choosing the Right Tomato Puree

Before purchasing tomato puree, it is essential to carefully read the label. Pay attention to the origin of the raw material and ensure that the list of ingredients includes only two items: tomato and salt. To view the complete ranking of tomato purees, you can refer to the Altroconsumo test by visiting their website.

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