Shocking Find: Glyphosate Detected in Pasta, Except One!

Pasta: Glyphosate Found in Almost All Brands, Only One is Safe (And Also the Most Well-Known)

When it comes to our food, it is crucial that we pay attention to what we consume. In today's world of numerous and products, it becomes even more essential to understand what we are bringing to our tables. As the philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach once said, “We are what we eat!” With this in mind, recent tests have focused on pasta and whether it contains harmful pesticides that can enter our bodies through the food we eat.

Pasta: Pesticides Found in Almost All Brands, Here are the Ones Endorsed by the Test

Organic pasta has proven to be the safest choice for those seeking a pasta free from harmful chemicals. Unlike conventional pasta, organic pasta is produced without the use of chemical products or pesticides during farming. This ensures that the final product is devoid of harmful substances, benefiting both human health and the environment. However, the higher cost of organic pasta makes it inaccessible for many consumers. As a result, non-organic pasta remains a popular option for those looking to save money. Unfortunately, this means that consumers often unknowingly bring pasta containing pesticide residues to their tables. Therefore, it is crucial to identify which brands offer pasta free from pesticides.

Pasta: Pesticides Found, Only One Italian Brand Comes Out Clean. Here’s Which One!

In Italy, a country known for its love of pasta, it is vital to know which brands do not use glyphosate, a commonly used pesticide. To safeguard consumer health, regular checks are conducted by competent authorities, and companies strive to comply with regulations and legal limits. In a recent test conducted by the Swiss magazine K-Tipp, 18 different pasta brands marketed in Italy and other European countries were examined.

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The study focused on two types of pasta: durum wheat-based and organic agricultural wheat-based. The objective was to detect the presence of glyphosate, a widely used pesticide in agriculture. Although glyphosate has not yet been banned, there are maximum legal limits that must be adhered to.

According to the test, the only non-organic pasta brand that was found to be free from pesticides is Barilla. As an Italian pasta brand that is consumed not only in Italy but also in other European countries, Barilla has established itself as a reliable option for pasta lovers. The test was conducted on two pasta formats, both made from wheat and whole-grain. The formats found to be pesticide-free are spaghetti and grooved penne, making them the safest choices to purchase at the . Additionally, all organic pasta products have also passed the test.

Furthermore, Barilla pasta does not contain Pirimifos, an insecticide substance highly toxic to aquatic animals and humans. This makes Barilla a healthier option for consumers concerned about the potential health risks associated with the consumption of pesticides.

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