Outrageous controversy: Restaurant charges 2 euros for empty plate for 2-year-old girl

Restaurateur Sparks Controversy by Charging for an Empty Sharing Plate

The issue of excessive charges from restaurants and bars continues to ignite outrage among consumers. Each day seems to bring a new dispute, as customers express their anger over being asked to pay for services that were once complimentary. This time, the erupted when journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli shared her dining experience on social media. The receipt she received from a showed an additional fee for a sharing plate provided to a 2-year-old girl, sparking a heated debate.

A Growing Trend of Extra Charges

It appears that the practice of adding extra charges to customers' bills has become increasingly common. In this particular case, a mother requested an extra plate from the restaurateur to share her plate of pasta with her daughter. However, when the bill arrived, she noticed a 2 euro surcharge for the additional plate. This incident follows a previous controversy, where a couple was charged 2 euros for having their toast split in half at Lake Como. These incidents have reignited the debate over extra charges and the so-called “dear tourist” phenomenon.

Social Media Outrage

As soon as Selvaggia Lucarelli shared her receipt and experience on social media, it quickly went viral. People were outraged by the additional charges for sharing food and considered it unacceptable. Lucarelli attached a photo of the receipt, along with a list of the items ordered by the other diners at the table. She expressed her dissatisfaction, stating that the cover charge had already been included in the bill.

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The restaurateur's nephew, feeling attacked by the public backlash, defended the establishment by claiming that customers were informed in advance about the additional charge. However, many people argue that charging 2 euros for an empty plate is a form of exploitation, particularly targeting tourists. While it may not be illegal, it is seen as a way to extract more money from customers. Some users suggest that the cover charge should have covered the use of plates, glasses, and utensils for the child.

The Debate Continues

The controversy has sparked a divide among the public. Some individuals understand the restaurant's perspective and argue that the additional charge is justified, especially if customers were informed beforehand. They acknowledge that using and washing an extra plate incurs a cost for the establishment, but also question whether 2 euros is excessive. They believe that, with some common sense, the restaurateur could have waived the fee.

However, others view the practice as economic exploitation of customers. They argue that imposing a price for an empty plate, regardless of whether the customer is a regular or a tourist, is unacceptable. The debate over the fairness and transparency of these charges continues.


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