Tomah area musician to star in Super Bowl commercial

   When the line-up of America’s most anticipated commercials roll during the Super Bowl in three weeks, a Tomah area entertainer will play prominently in one of them.
   While he’s sworn to secrecy about the details of the ad, Scott Wilcox will be playing a “significant role” in a three-minute commercial sponsored by the NFL to highlight the milestone 50th anniversary of Super Bowl I.
   As any Green Bay Packers fan worth his salt knows, that contest was played on Jan. 15, 1967 in Los Angeles, where the Packers thumped the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10, securing the Green & Gold’s legendary status in American football lore.
   It was an online ad that caught Wilcox’s attention for what will thrust him onto the national stage for Super Bowl 50. He said he responded to the ad, which was seeking people born between October and December of  1967, whose parents were loyal Packers fans.
    So, Wilcox, who was born in December 1967, related the story of when he and his sister attended a Packers game in Lambeau Field when they were children. He said both he and his sister wandered away from their parents, with his sister heading toward the cheerleaders and Wilcox meandering his way to the coaching staff.
   One of the coaches reunited Wilcox with his mother, saying, “You’ve got a big boy there, he’s going to be a Green Bay Packer someday,” recalled Wilcox.
   To add a little more Frozen Tundra cred to his story, Wilcox included a recording of his song “Throw the Ball Y’all”, a tune he wrote and recorded about Brett Favre. The song is actually in the Packers Hall of Fame, along with other notable ditties written about Wisconsin’s favorite team.
   “I got word back I was chosen and on Saturday (Jan. 9) they told me I had to be on a plane in two days to start production,” said Wilcox, who was in New York City shooting the piece all last week before returning home Friday.
   The production team realized quickly that Wilcox, a former teacher who quit that profession to pursue his musical interests, had standout talent they could use and cast him in a prominent role, the details of which he still wouldn’t reveal.
    Actually, this isn’t Wilcox’s first shot at fame. Oprah featured him on a show four years ago after he sent her an original song, “When You Know Better”, which he performed on the show.
   “At the time I thought that was going to be the biggest thing that would ever happen to me, then this happened,” said Wilcox, who has pondered if the commercial couldn’t be a platform that might thrust him into bigger and better things.
   “It’s funny,” he said. “You do something like this and it’s kind of a question – it could change your life forever or it couldn’t change it at all.”
   Still, his wife Brenda, a nurse at Tomah Memorial Hospital, and three kids, Kayla, Laura and Adam, are excited about it. But for Wilcox, there is one thing that seems to be missing – a ticket to the Super Bowl.
   “I’m not going to the Super Bowl, but it would be nice,” he said. “If anyone has any tickets, let me know.”
   Wilcox isn’t sure when the commercial will air during the game but he suspects it might be at halftime because of it’s length. Just look for the NFL ad, highlighting the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary.

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