Tangled limbs cause power line incident

   High wind is to blame for a potentially dangerous situation involving power lines in the City of Sparta last Thursday afternoon.
   Emergency officials closed off Court Street between Franklin and North Streets just before 5 p.m. because tree limbs had gotten tangled in the power lines, causing arcs, according to Sparta Fire Protection District Chief Mike Arnold.
   The tree limbs blew into power lines feeding the house at 128 W. Franklin St., and the lines started arcing. Emergency personnel barricaded the street to protect the public while Xcel Energy came in to cut off the power. The fire department removed the tree limbs, and the power was restored.
   Arnold said the incident lasted about 45 minutes.
   According to the National Weather Service, wind gusts reached over 45 mph in La Crosse Thursday.
   The National Weather Service reports the highest wind speed was 32 mph, with the windiest gust reaching 47 mph. The average wind speed for the day was 18 mph.

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