SACS’ Flock of Flamingos comes out of hibernation

The first flamingo flocking for SACS this year was along Franklin Street in Sparta. Contributed photo.

Flamingos travel in flocks and during hard times, everyone could use a flock of supporters around them. After a cancer diagnosis, individuals will need even more support to help them through their cancer journey and for so many, Sparta Area Cancer Support (SACS) has been that flock.

The organization provides support and assistance to its clients and their families during what for some could very well be the fight of their life.

While SACS hosts numerous fundraisers throughout the year in an effort to raise money to support its clients, one of the organizations most beloved is SACS’ Flock of Flamingos, which have finally come out of hibernation.

Last year, SACS Co-President Karen Edwards asked Alice Olson if she would be willing to help Dawn Rickert with flamingo flocking and she did not hesitate to say yes. So, together Rickert and Olson shared the flock and it worked well.

This fundraiser is a fun way to not only brighten someone's day, but to brighten their yard as well. For a donation to the organization, Olson, a volunteer with SACS will place flamingos in a lawn/yard of the donors choosing.

“The first flocking I did I waited until dusk because it was supposed to be a surprise for the daughter’s birthday and I didn’t want to get caught in the act,” Olson said. “I felt so sneaky!”

On several occasions Olson has even brought some of her grandkids along to help her. “Maddie, Dylan and Traenor made flocking more fun,” she said.

The flockee would sometimes see Olson in their yard and come outside to ask her questions about the fundraiser. She met people that she didn’t know, which she said is always a positive experience.

“When I flocked some yards in my neighborhood, I loaded the flamingos and signs in my stroller and walked instead of driving,” Olson said. “Passersby probably wondered about me.”

As she flocked more yards throughout the summer, Olson became more experienced in the “art of flocking” and she got to be more efficient, so she spent less time in a person’s yard.

“It was a fun and worthwhile experience so I’m doing it again this year,” she said. “The first flocking this year is again in honor of someone’s birthday.”

The need for a strong flock and cancer support during the COVID-19 pandemic has been strong and continues to grow. SACS has continued to provide services to its clients.

In fact, the organization’s motto last year was, “Cancer doesn't stop because of COVID.”

Participation in this fundraiser means so much more than donating to bigger organizations because all of the funds raised by SACS go to help residents of the Sparta community, which could be your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Last year, the Flock of Flamingos raised over $3,000 for the organization and Olson hopes to raise even more this year.

For more information on how to have a friend or relative in the Sparta area “flocked,” please contact Alice Olson at (608) 487-5451 or Deb Page at (608) 343-8840.

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