RBI Care division settles into its new headquarters

RBI (Reliable Building Investments) in Sparta was started in 1999 by Paul Schmitz, a second-generation builder with an associate degree in Machine Tool and Die. 
As the construction business grew, Paul took on a new partner and RBI became incorporated. At that time, Paul and his wife Lynette Schmitz, also owned rental properties under LPS Rentals LLC; they decided to start another entity called RBI Rentals LLC and keep it all in one business under one brand, RBI Entities.
RBI has continued to grow and flourish into three more business entities including RBI Fabrication and Machining Inc., RBI Ag Division and RBI Caring Hearts LLC, which was established in 2015. 
While Paul and the Schmitz’s business partner continue working on expanding the other divisions of the company, Lynette Schmitz has spent her time as the Administrator focused on managing RBI Care LLC., adult family homes located in Sparta and RBI Caring Hearts LLC, community based residential facilities (CBRF) located in Bangor.
In 2012, Schmitz was renting a house that was being utilized for adult family care. When she found out the four residents were being mistreated, she took on the responsibility of caring for the residents.
“I just started with one house and after we saw the need, it just sort of blew up,” Schmitz said.   
RBI Entities recently acquired the old Carlisle building, located at 402 Black River Street in Sparta, as its headquarters for RBI Care. 
HR Director Tracey Kast describes the RBI Care division as a family-owned business that is more family oriented as compared to larger care facilities that have more of a corporate-owned feel.
“We work closer with the social workers and guardians because we can do that,” Kast said. “We just have the ability to be a little more involved personally.” 
The RBI Care division has almost 90 employees, nine assisted living homes in Sparta with 36 residents and two community based residential facilities in Bangor with 22 residents. 
Residents of RBI can range from 18 years old to 118 years old. Some may struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s, mental illness, various disabilities or simply old age. 
“I think we’re really good at interacting with the clients’ families and making sure that everyone's needs are being met,” Kast said. “We have sit downs with the families to make sure that they know we’re here to help them.”
Staff at RBI assist the clients with preparing meals, personal hygiene, monitoring medications, leisure activities, transportation, daily housekeeping and so much more. RBI also offers end of life care and is currently considering branching out to in-home care. 
“I’m not done yet. I want to own a couple more CBRFs,” said Schmitz. “We just need to get our name out there more.”
As the company continues to grow and expand, Schmitz and Kast also want to continue to hire new staff. 
According to Schmitz, RBI can’t offer traditional benefits, however, the company offers classes and on the job training as well as seminars teaching its employees how to invest their money and garnish wages to pay for health insurance.
“I would love to hire housewives and people that want to work in a home-like environment,” Schmitz said.
“We tell our staff all the time that this is the client’s home,” Kast added. “We’re just visitors coming in to help.”

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