Never make this common mistake when making crispy french fries at home.

Looking for the secret to perfect, crispy french fries? Look no further than your kitchen pantry. By pouring vinegar over the potatoes before frying, you can achieve the coveted combination of a soft interior and a crispy exterior. This foolproof trick will elevate your french fry game and leave you craving more.

Why French Fries Are a Beloved Dish

French fries are a universally loved dish that appeals to people of all ages. The crispy texture and unique flavor make them a favorite gourmet around the world. Whether you cook them in a pan, deep fryer, or oven, french fries have a magical quality that is difficult to resist.

However, it's important to note that french fries are calorie-rich and should be enjoyed in moderation, especially if you're watching your diet. While they can be a delightful side dish to accompany a main meal, it's best to limit consumption to small portions.

The Challenge of Perfect French Fries

Despite their popularity, many people struggle to achieve the desired texture and flavor when making french fries. They often end up too soft or greasy, lacking that satisfying crispiness. Some may even burn on one side, resulting in a disappointing eating experience.

The Foolproof Trick for Perfect French Fries

Thankfully, there is a simple and effective trick to ensure your french fries turn out golden and crispy on the outside, while remaining soft on the inside. The secret ingredient? Vinegar.

The Role of Vinegar in Crispy French Fries

By pouring two tablespoons of white vinegar over the potatoes during preparation, you can achieve incredible results. Vinegar serves multiple purposes in creating the perfect french fry:

Preventing Browning

When potatoes come into contact with hot oil, they have a tendency to brown quickly. However, the addition of vinegar helps prevent this browning process. Instead, it enhances the fries' golden color, making them visually appealing.

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Preserving Nutrients

White vinegar also preserves the vitamins found in potatoes, particularly the pectin. Pectin is a natural compound that contributes to the texture and structure of fruits and vegetables. By preserving the pectin in potatoes, vinegar ensures that the fries retain their shape and consistency.

Reducing Greasiness

Thanks to its acidity, vinegar helps reduce the greasiness of french fries. This makes them more digestible and less heavy on the stomach. You can enjoy your favorite indulgence without feeling weighed down.

Promoting Crispiness

Vinegar contains starch, which provides a proper balance in the potatoes. This balance prevents the fries from becoming too soft and instead promotes a crispy texture. The result? The crispiest fries you've ever tasted.

How to Make Perfect French Fries with Vinegar


  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Cold water
  • 2 tablespoons of white vinegar


  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks about 1 cm thick. You can leave the skin on, but be sure to wash them thoroughly.
  2. Place the cut potatoes in a large container and cover them with water.
  3. Add the two tablespoons of white vinegar and mix gently.
  4. Allow the potatoes to rest in the fridge for at least 20 minutes, ideally an hour.
  5. Remove the cut fries from the water and dry them as much as possible using a cloth or kitchen paper.
  6. Heat the oil in a pot or frying pan suitable for frying.
  7. Add the fries to the hot oil and fry until golden and crispy.
  8. Season with salt according to your taste preferences.

Final Thoughts

Vinegar is the secret ingredient that will take your homemade french fries to the next level. Not only does it enhance the flavor and appearance of the fries, but it also preserves nutrients and promotes a crispy texture. With this foolproof trick, you'll be able to enjoy -quality french fries right in the comfort of your own home.

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