Discover the Top Supermarket Honey Brands in Altroconsumo’s Ranking!

When it comes to purchasing honey, it's important to make the right choice. , a leading consumer organization, has conducted a comprehensive test and of 22 of honey available at supermarkets and discount stores. In this article, we will delve into the results of Altroconsumo's test and discover which brands of honey are considered the best and worst to buy.

Honey, a Beloved Product in Italy

Millefiori honey is a cherished and widely consumed product in Italy. This delicious honey is produced by bees from the nectar of various plants, resulting in a range of flavors, colors, and consistencies. It is loved by both adults and children alike, and shelves are filled with different varieties, including traditional honey, organic honey, and honey produced by large or small companies.

Altroconsumo’s Honey Test

Altroconsumo took on the task of analyzing 22 jars of millefiori honey from different regions in Italy. The organization evaluated each product based on various parameters to determine the best honey available at the supermarket. These parameters included:

  • Label: Altroconsumo assessed whether all mandatory and optional information required by law was present on each product's label.
  • Presence of antibiotic residues: The analysis focused on screening for sulfonamide and tetracycline classes of antibiotics.
  • Shelf life: The water content of each honey was analyzed to ensure it met the appropriate levels. Excessive water content can compromise shelf life, while levels below 15% can make the honey difficult to spread.
  • Freshness: Altroconsumo examined the presence of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), a substance that indicates honey degradation, as well as the degradation of enzymes diastase and invertase, which can occur with aging or heat treatments.
  • Presence of impurities: The organization checked for the presence of any unwanted substances like wax, propolis, wood shavings, soil, pebbles, grass, hair, or fur.
  • Sensory analysis: Altroconsumo's expert jury conducted sensory evaluations to assess the honey's characteristic flavors and identify any potential defects.
  • Presence of added sugars: The possible presence of added sugars, which can indicate adulteration or counterfeit honey, was also taken into consideration.
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The Best Brands of Honey

In Altroconsumo's ranking, the best honey brand is Vis, Miele millefiori from Valtellina, with an impressive score of 84 points. However, its value for money ratio is not considered favorable by Altroconsumo. Following closely is Esselunga Top honey, which scores 79 points and receives positive evaluations for its shelf life and consistency. Carrefour millefiori honey, scoring 73 points, is not only Italian but also Hungarian. It offers a good quality-to-price ratio, making it a recommended purchase.

The Manusol (MD) millefiori honey also performs well in the test with a score of 71. It receives special praise in the taste test and shelf life evaluation. The ranking also includes two discount store honeys: Dolciando Eurospin, recognized as the best purchase due to its accurate labeling, and Maribel honey from Lidl, praised for its freshness.

Honeys Considered Good and of Average Quality

Altroconsumo also identified several honeys that are considered good choices for consumers. These include Apicoltura Piana, Saper di Sapori (SELEX), Alce Nero, Apicoltura Casentinese, Ambrosoli miele, and Coop. All of these brands offer Italian or EU-sourced millefiori honey.

There are also honeys of average quality, such as Luna di Miele, Rigoni, Il Pungiglione, Conad, Mielizia, La valle del miele, and Rigoni Mielbio. These honeys vary in origin and may not be exclusively Italian.

The Bottom of the Ranking

At the bottom of the ranking are Altromercato, Locandona Messico, Le terre di Ecor, Fattoria di Vaira, and Terre d'Italia honeys. These brands scored lower due to factors such as lack of freshness, high presence of hydroxymethylfurfural, or unspecified origin.

Response from Il Pungiglione

One of the honey producers ranked in the middle, Il Pungiglione, responded to the ranking. Luca Angella, an expert honey taster, stated, “The research was conducted by comparing different brands…

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