Discover the Irresistible Delight of This 5-Minute Milk Dessert!

An Irresistible Dessert: Creamy Milk Dessert That Melts in Your Mouth

Are you craving something sweet and indulgent? Look no further! We have the perfect for you – a creamy milk dessert that melts in your mouth. This delightful treat is even better than the classic pudding and will leave you wanting more. With its soft and creamy texture, just one spoonful is enough to make you fall in love.

A Versatile Delight

This creamy milk dessert is not only perfect for ending a dinner with friends and family on a joyful note but can also be enjoyed as a snack or a satisfying breakfast option. It's a great alternative to packaged desserts for young children, providing them with something , genuine, and above all, free of preservatives or fats.

Even adults following a diet will be pleased to know that this dessert is light and won't compromise their fitness goals. Indulging and staying in shape has never been easier! Plus, it only takes about 5 minutes to prepare, making it a quick and convenient option for any occasion.

Recipe for Creamy Milk Dessert

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Refrigeration time: 1 hour
Total time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Servings: 6
Calories: 100 per slice


  • 700 ml of milk
  • 50 gr of powdered sweetener (or alternatively, 100 gr of sugar to taste)
  • 30 gr of cornstarch
  • 10 gr of vanilla sugar
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1 piece of lemon zest
  • A pinch of cinnamon
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  1. Start by pouring the milk into a saucepan and add the pieces of lemon zest. Stir and gently warm it without boiling.
  2. In a bowl, place the egg yolks, sweetener (or sugar), and vanilla sugar. Beat them well with a whisk and mix in the cornstarch until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.
  3. Remove the pieces of lemon zest from the milk and slowly pour in the egg yolk mixture while continuously whisking. Heat the mixture over medium heat until it thickens.
  4. Pour the creamy mixture into a rectangular glass dish and refrigerate it for about 1 hour.
  5. Once chilled, remove the dessert from the refrigerator and dust it with sifted cinnamon powder.

For a video on how to prepare this creamy milk dessert, click here!

If you're looking for a quick and delicious dessert, this creamy milk dessert is exactly what you need. Its smooth and creamy texture combined with the delightful flavors of vanilla and cinnamon will leave you wanting more. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply want to treat yourself, this dessert is sure to impress.

So go ahead, give this recipe a try and indulge in a mouthwatering dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth without any guilt. Enjoy!

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