Cashton entrepreneur passionate about clean skincare

Sabrea Kuderer, owner of Simple In Nature, offers her customers clean skincare products that are handcrafted, natural and organic. Contributed photos.

In 2015, Sabrea Kuderer, of Cashton decided to enroll in college courses to obtain a sales management degree as she hadn’t gone to college after high school. She took a business class where she had to create a fake business and she ended up creating what would eventually become her current business, Simple In Nature (SIN).

“Forever and a day I’ve been into things that are all natural and non-toxic and that was right up my alley,” Kuderer said. “I fell in love with the process while I was doing it.”

Kuderer wanted to work towards making the business a reality in an effort to quit her full-time job in the entertainment industry, which required a lot of travel and time spent away from home, but circumstances didn’t allow it and she put the idea on the back burner.

“I was too scared to make the leap and I kept finding reasons not to do it,” she said. “Then, COVID hit.”

After over 20 years of working in the live entertainment industry, Kuderer decided she was going to fulfill her lifelong dream of starting her own skincare company.

At the time Kuderer’s mother-in-law, Kathy, who owns Down A Country Road in Cashton, had been hosting fall pop-up markets for local vendors and Kuderer decided she was going to give it a try too.

“I did one and it went well,” she said. “In a month’s time I went from zero to a hundred with it.”

Kuderer already had the base of all her formulas worked out. She had been making products for her own skin that she knew would be safe and effective because she was tired of buying expensive organic products that contained too many ingredients and she knew she could make better products with less ingredients and that it would be more cost effective.

“I just had to work out what I wanted to tweak and change and what I wanted to do for branding,” she said, adding that she continued to apply for and attend more vendor shows.

At SIN, Kuderer makes high quality skincare products including soaking salts, sugar scrubs and body oils from simple, organic ingredients. She also minimizes her use of preservatives.

“These are products I really believe in and it’s nothing fancy, it's just clean, simple stuff,” Kuderer said.

Kuderer offers five scents including the following:

• Soothing, which is warm, spicy and sweet with sandalwood, copaiba, clove leaf and vanilla.
• Calming, which is floral, exotic and sweet with lavender, ylang ylang and sweet basil.
• Energizing, which is bright, fresh and citrus with lemon, grapefruit and ginger.
• Healing, which is minty, cooling and fresh with peppermint, frankincense and juniper berry
• Awaken, which is upbeat, citrus and sweet with coffee, sweet orange and sweet basil.

“My main demographic is of course women because women are more inclined to take care of their skin, but my products can really help anyone," Kuderer said

Kuderer’s products are located at Down A Country Road, KEPS Naturals in Sparta, Orange Thumb in West Salem, Larson’s General and Midwest Dressed in La Crosse. She also created custom products for Radiance Beauty & Esthetics in Sparta.

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